3 Web Design Trends for This Year

At AusWeb Design we can hardly believe it’s the middle of the year – weren’t we only having our Christmas drinks not long ago?

Now that 2015 is well and truly settled in, we can take a look at some things that are proving to be big trends in website design this year, as well as predict other ideas that are set to get more popular as the year marches on.

Read on for our list of some of the big website trends of 2015.

1. Big images

This is a trend that started to take hold in 2014, and is looking to continue in web design this year. As network speeds and bandwidth limits increase, large, high-quality images are appearing on more and more business and ecommerce websites.
Humans are largely visual creatures and the internet is a visual medium. Big, beautiful photos and website graphics can be high-impact for visitors.
If you do want to include large images on your website, do make sure that these are both well-photographed and high-resolution – it would severely lessen the effect to be smacked with a massive blurry, pixellated image that was taken on a phone.

2. Large typography

With more and more webfont services popping up, as well as more device compatibility and smoother font rendering, it’s becoming easier than ever to have interesting, beautiful fonts on your business website. Gone are the days when designers are bound by Arial, Helvetica and Times New Roman.
Like large images, an increasing focus on visual impact and distinguishing your site through its unique design has seen a surge in the popularity of big typefaces and interesting fonts.
If you are looking to add a bit of visual interest to your written content, Google Fonts is a good place to start for free webfonts.

3. Flat graphics

The domination of minimalist, flat graphics continues this year in website design. This trend became popular a few years ago, tying in with the increasingly minimalist aesthetic that has come to typify contemporary design.
Not only do they look great, but flat graphics are also easily scalable to create a visual impact from a smartphone up to a massive desktop screen. This year web designers are also getting a bit more creative with their flat graphics, incorporating subtle patterns, shadows and gradients to make the illustration pop.

How many of these have you noticed while browsing the web lately? Are there ways that you can incorporate these web design elements to refresh the look of your business website? Call 1300 16 16 44 to chat to one of our in-house web designers.