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Responsive Website Design – Are You Mobile Ready?

If you are think about a new website design, make sure you build one that is a responsive website design – it can make all the difference!

Let’s first understand the difference. Your current ‘desktop’ website viewed on a smartphone means visitors are pinching, zooming, scrolling or searching for everything, including your contact details. Not a good start, so much so that in a flash, they’ve gone!

Why mobile? More people access the Internet through a smartphone that a PC! People lead busy lives these days. The need to access information quickly and on the go is now the norm. If your website is responsive to any type of browser, including smartphones, you can dazzle your visitors by providing the ultimate experience. Just by being able to ‘read’ your content means they will stay longer on your website.

How does it work? Responsive design websites are built on a fluid flexible grid. The responsive layout re-sizes and re-orientates your desktop website for mobiles of any screen resolution.

Should I switch to mobile? There really should not be any doubt. You can have a website that caters for all your traffic on any kind of device. Think of it this way, if you can encourage visitors who are browsing your website on a mobile device to stay longer on your website, you increase your chances of forming a relationship with that individual and receiving either a sale lead enquiry.

Responsive Website Design  – What Are The Benefits?

Immediate benefits of responsive website design include:

  • Your Website Is Easy To Read And Navigate

    No pinching, zooming, scrolling or searching for the ‘contact us’ button!

  • It Will Work On Any Smartphone

    Responsive websites are built on a fluid flexible grid that adapts to the browser that renders the website.

  • Mobile Ready Is Ecommerce Ready

    Responsive website design works with your shopping cart so you won’t lose the sale!

  • You Have A Higher Conversion Rate Of Sales And Enquiries

    Visitors stay longer because they can actually ‘read’ your website meaning more chance of a sale or enquiry.

  • It’s Fast Loading

    There’s no Flash or other technologies that are not thoroughly supported by mobile devices.

  • You’re Saving Time And Money

    Since you only have to design one website, you save time and money in planning and building separate versions for different devices.

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Responsive Website Design

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Did you know that more people access the internet through a smartphone than a PC?

Did you also know that 3 out of 5 mobile users immediately exit a ‘non-responsive’ (or mobile ready) website and that around 80% of Australian businesses fall into this category?

AusWebDesign can optimise your website to mobile devices and dazzle your mobile visitors with the ultimate browsing experience.

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