Reasons to use your web agency for your online marketing

Every business owners knows the feeling – that Monday morning ritual of opening the web browser and sifting through the emails that have come in over the weekend. Hopefully a bunch of these will be new enquiries from customers, but inevitably you will start to get some offers from digital marketing companies and ‘SEO experts’ promising you amazing results and a page-one ranking in Google within weeks.

These emails are often sent out en masse by companies, usually located overseas, who use bots to crawl the web, find email addresses on websites to add to their database, and send out email blasts offering their services. Or, they may even call you directly, doing the hard sell on why your site is underperforming and how they can offer a miracle cure to make business boom.

Even we, as a website design and digital marketing business, get emails from these companies offering ‘personalised’ services, which just goes to show how much they are actually researching the businesses they’re targeting – that’s like trying to sell bread to a baker!

If your website has not been generating quite as many leads or online sales lately as you would like, it can be really tempting to fork out cash to these companies as a quick fix to temporarily boost your ranking in search results.

However, if their spammy contact information gathering tactics weren’t enough to put you off, anyone promising concrete search engine results should be a red flag as Google is constantly changing their indexing algorithms, and where you are sitting in search results among your competitors is also largely down to what they are (or aren’t) doing for their search engine optimisation. Anyone promising a certain Google ranking is frankly probably just telling you want you want to hear.

So, if you want to boost your website’s visibility, where is the best place to turn?

The answer is right in front of you – your existing web agency!

If you have had your website for a while and recently it hasn’t been performing as well as you hoped, you might hesitate on discussing your online marketing needs with the people who built your website – if they were so good at SEO, wouldn’t my site be on page one from the start?

The truth is, while closely related, website design and development, and search engine optimisation are separate entities. While we design your website with best user experience in mind, and build your site according to search engine optimisation practices, getting a website built is just step one of your online journey. SEO and a solid digital marketing plan is the next stage to really ramp up your website’s performance – a website is not a static product, it should be a constantly evolving entity that adapts to new optimisation practices in an agile manner.

Even if your website is built with best SEO practices initially, the truth is that these standards can change. For example, a few years ago it didn’t really matter in terms of your search engine ranking whether you had a mobile responsive website or not – however, these days Google will actually penalise your website if it is not optimised for mobile.

We know your website inside and out – we built it after all! It is also in our best interests as well as yours for your website and your business to be successful, so we can foster those ongoing relationships with you as our client and help your website adapt and continue to have the best chances of ranking in Google.

An overseas SEO company sending out a mass email to thousands of businesses isn’t going to be too concerned about an ongoing relationship after they have done their quick, generic round of optimisation, whereas we as your web agency want to invest in your business success. We are your partners in your online journey and can help your website adapt and change with the times, as we have that history with you as our client, and with your business and your website.

Take advantage of our internet marketing experience today to help your website’s chances of ranking and help your business thrive online. We can work with you to assess where your website is doing well and what can be improved. Whether you need an entire website revamp to reflect modern design trends and positive user experience, or you want us to optimise your site for Google – together we can come up with a solid plan to boost your online marketing.

Ready to take your online marketing to the next level and increase your customer conversion? Talk to us today about what we can do for you!