All About Email Marketing

Online marketing doesn’t have to be scary – in fact there are simple things that every business owner can do to ensure that their digital marketing game is on point. Today we’ll be looking at a strategy that is often overlooked, but can be a really useful tool for ongoing promotion of your business, and keep your products and services in your customers’ minds.

Email marketing is a form of direct marketing using, as the name suggests, email to communicate marketing messages to existing and potential clients. In a broad sense, every email you send to a customer could be considered email marketing, but this term usually refers to email newsletters that may notify customers of an upcoming promotion, latest news with the business or industry tips, just to name a few.

Let’s jump into some easy email marketing tips you can start today!


Compile past, current and potential clients’ details into a list

The first step is to collate the contact details for your customers – name and email is usually all that is required for email marketing, but this could be a good opportunity to consolidate or digitise all your clients’ info into one place, which is a job that often gets put off! You also probably want to consider separating your customers’ contact details into different lists, such as past clients, leads and so on to really target your email marketing efforts.

Sign up to an email marketing platform

The next step is to select which email marketing platform is right for you. Using one of these platforms automates and manages everything for you, which is a whole lot easier than just bulk sending an email to all your contacts from your inbox! We recommend MailChimp as it’s easy to use, has a bunch of great features and is free for up to 2000 subscribers. You can schedule a day and time for your mail blast to go out, view reports on open rates and we can even help you design an attractive email template to make you look slick.

Capture more subscribers through your website

Once your email marketing platform is set up, it’s time to maximise your mail marketing by adding a form to your website where visitors can sign up to your email newsletter – which is something we can definitely help you with! There are also a heap of tools available to help you collect more emails through your website, such as SumoMe and OptinMonster.

Build loyalty by adding value

Even if subscribers don’t end up buying anything or contacting you at the time they sign up, capturing leads’ contact details is a valuable exercise, and when they are notified of an upcoming promotion, free resources you are offering on your website or other industry tips, you are ensuring you remain fresh in their mind and establishing yourself as an industry expert, making them more likely to come back to your site and get in touch with you.

Do you need some help getting started with email marketing? Get in touch with us today for some tips and advice!