Business Logo Design

A great business logo design can be a huge asset when building a business and can be used in a wide variety of ways to increase awareness of your company by your potential clients. We are all familiar with iconic logos that are instantly recognisable as representing large successful businesses such as McDonalds and Nike. Logos that ultimately become ads for the business they represent so it’s important to get the design right! A good designer will balance several factors when coming up with your design.

Logos should be both widely appealing and eye catching and of course they have to be suited to the business they are representing and the media in which they are to be used.

For most small businesses it can pay to keep logo design simple, especially in the type of image used. Images should be suitable or even representative of the business itself to promote recall, for instance a tiger is unlikely to be easily associated with an electrical business, whereas a spark or coiled cable is clearly relevant.

Simple designs with little if any text are usually a good idea too as detailed text becomes illegible when the logo is used at small scales. Some designers can make photos work in logos but for the most part they are not a good idea.

Fonts and colours should almost always be kept to a minimum and if at all possible try to have a design that also looks good in black and white as this is how your letterhead and invoices will likely be printed or copied at your clients office.

It’s important to consider the customers who will be seeing the logo and try to get a feel for what kind of people they are. Factors like their ages, interests and whereabouts can be important to know. These sorts of factors can dictate whether conservative or ‘edgy’ design is appropriate.

It’s also important to think about how the logo will be used. For instance will its size and colour work well as a website logo? Will it look right when used in a business card? What about in a large print advert? Slightly different versions may be required if the range of uses is very wide but the logo should remain instantly recognisable no matter the use.

Logos that have a square rather than rectangular layout are often a good idea as it can make them more suited to uses such as printing on to promo material or website logos. Consider including your brand name only if it is short and memorable.

At AusWebDesign we have designers with years of training and experience in business logo design, they are all highly experienced in the small business field too. They know what drives you and how to interpret and transform your ideas into a great logo that your business deserves. Why not visit our logo design page or call us on 1300 16 16 44 to see how we can help.