Affordable website design.

Looking for the right agency to take on the creation of your small business website or online store can seem daunting. You are probably juggling a number of quotes from various agencies, and might be confused by the myriad of different technologies, features and add-ons mentioned. Couple this with the fact that you have probably been given a huge range of pricing between all the proposals and suddenly getting your business online can be an overwhelming task!

How many of these “essential” add-ons do I need? And why has one agency quoted me tens of thousands of dollars for my small business website, and another has said they will do it for a few hundred bucks?

When it comes to pricing web design for small business, we like to say there are three categories: cheap, expensive, and affordable.

When shopping around, as a business owner it can be really tempting to go with the cheaper end of the spectrum when thinking about the bottom line. After all, a website is a website is a website, right?

You’ve heard it before – you get what you pay for. And this couldn’t be truer when it comes to your business or eCommerce website. If a web design agency is offering cheaper packages in the couple of hundred dollars range, most likely their work is being outsourced overseas. This approach comes with a whole host of problems of its own, including no quality control, a substandard end product riddled with glitches, and little to no support to fix the inevitable bugs that arise.

Or, a cheaper website quote might mean that the agency is simply plonking your logo into a basic template, or there are a number of hidden ongoing fees when it comes to hosting and updating your website.

On the other end of the cost scale, you might think that the big agency with their flashy office suite in the city and shiny espresso machine is the best chance of success for your website and online marketing. After all, if they’re quoting me tens of thousands of dollars for an expensive website, it has to be the best for my business – doesn’t it?

The fact is that these agencies rely on the fact that you might not know all the technological terminology, and sometimes aren’t all that transparent on what is actually essential to get your small business website or online store up and running. You might be paying extra for add-ons that are really not needed in the initial stages of your online journey, or for the time spent greeting you at the door of that flashy office suite and sitting in design meetings. These things might be necessary if you have a big and complex project, but for the average small business or shop looking to get their business online, simpler is often better.

And then we come the third category – affordable website design.

At AusWeb Design we believe that at the core of your business there should be a good website that markets your business effectively, helps you meet (and exceed!) your business goals, and contributes to your success.

We are a small business too and we understand the need to balance cost with benefit for small business websites – basically getting the most bang for your buck! We believe that most small businesses can be well served with custom web design that does not break the bank. We listen to want you want to achieve with your website and offer a carefully thought-out proposal with no hidden costs.

Whether you are after a simple brochure-style website to promote your services and generate leads, or looking to set up an ecommerce website to sell your products, a web design agency that listens to your needs and goals and offers a transparent, tailored solution with an ongoing digital marketing plan to supercharge your online presence is worth a lot more than an overblown website in the tens of thousands, and is definitely a better investment than a cheap option which saves you money initially, but can cost you big in the long run when it comes to lost leads and your business’s reputation.

Are you ready to work with an agency dedicated to providing you not only with an affordable small business website, but also working with you for your business success into the future? Get in touch with the AusWeb Design team today to see what we can do for you!