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Boost Your Marketing with Blogging

The term blog comes from the combination of “web” and “log” or “weblog,” and was eventually shortened to “blog.” In the 1990s when blogs first appeared, they were primarily online diaries, where people would provide personal accounts of their lives. At that time, blogs were traditionally built websites that were updated and uploaded manually, limiting […]

SEO 101: Basics for Beginners

A quick rundown – SEO stands for “search engine optimisation”, which means building and maintaining your website in a way that gives you the best chance of not only being found in search engines, but ranking highly when potential customers are searching. The first thing to know is that SEO is by no means an […]

All About Email Marketing

Online marketing doesn’t have to be scary – in fact there are simple things that every business owner can do to ensure that their digital marketing game is on point. Today we’ll be looking at a strategy that is often overlooked, but can be a really useful tool for ongoing promotion of your business, and […]

5 Critical Things to Consider When Choosing a Website Design Company

Once you’ve made the decision to create (or update) your business’s online presence, another weighty choice is waiting in the wings. Who are you going to task with this important project? There’s certainly no shortage of options these days – a simple Google search for small business website design, or ecommerce websites yields too many […]